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to the British / those who know UK accents...

what were Saint, Sugar and Beth's accents?

(idiot American here trying to figure it out...)
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Personally I'd say Beth was Northern Irish, Kim is slightly posh London and Sugar is south-eastern, but feel free to correct me!

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what about Saint?
Whoops o_O wasn't awake when I read that, obviously.
I'd say Saint has an accent from the Bristol area.
Yep, Kim is from the posher part of London, Sugar is a mix of street/south east accent, and Saint is nearer south west.


June 14 2008, 20:54:52 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  June 14 2008, 20:57:02 UTC

Sarah-Jane Potts (aka Saint) has been in Casualty recently and I'd definitely say she has a Bristol-tinged accent.

edit: and I'd say Sugar spoke Estuary English (
Sugar definately talks like she is from Brighton, because I do too and I live there :)